Index of Policies and Bylaws

Rural Municipality of Three Lakes

Municipal Management Objectives and Policies

The following objectives and policies address the municipal management concerns and issues.


A. To ensure that the sustainable development of all land and water resources (such as agricultural, fishery and wildlife resources) within and adjacent to the municipality’s boundaries occurs in a manner, and at locations which are compatible with each other.
B. To minimize land use and access conflicts.
C. To promote developments (including consideration of the RM’s costs for new or upgraded roads) at locations which conform to the municipality’s land use policies.
D. To protect the amenities and environmental quality of the municipality’s land and water resources.
E. To encourage cooperative planning between Council, neighbouring RMs & Villages
F. To promote cooperation with provincial, federal and other municipal jurisdictions and to administer municipal land use policies in compliance with any applicable Provincial Interests and Federal Regulations.
G. To ensure the orderly and appropriate subdivision, development of land and of cost-efficient services to support that development, the applicant for all new development or subdivision shall pay for whatever municipal services must be improved or expanded to service the proposal, unless specifically exempted (in whole or part) from this requirement by Council under Section 5.2.


A. Legal Access for Certain Uses and All Subdivisions

(1) Development of a farmstead, residence, bed and breakfast home, commercial or industrial use, institutional use, or other non-agricultural development is prohibited unless the site fronts on a developed road or the developer agrees to construct the road to Council’s standards.
(2) Council shall not be required to recommend a subdivision for approval unless the proposed sites and any un-subdivided remnant of the land being subdivided fronts on a developed road, including any road which is required to be registered and developed as a public road under a signed servicing agreement.
(3) For the purposes of this Bylaw, developed road shall mean an existing, graded All-Weather Road (as defined in the Zoning Bylaw) on a registered right of way, or a road for which a signed servicing agreement has been made with Council to provide for the construction of the road on a registered right of way to a standard approved by Council.

The foregoing Policies will also be considered in relation to SPI Nos. 6.8 (Public Works) and 6.14 (Transportation).

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