Index of Zoning Bylaw #4-2014

Rural Municipality of Three Lakes No. 400

Section 12: ES - Environmentally Sensitive Overlay District

INTENT: To protect Environmentally Sensitive land from unsuitable development. Council recognizes the importance of protecting an adequate supply of surface and groundwater for the benefit of all residents and landowners. There are certain other areas near waste disposal sites, sewage lagoons, wetlands or gravel pits, for example which should not be developed due to hazards like potential pollution of water supplies, flooding or site instability. Council shall use the following list and regulations in making decisions on proposed new developments in or near environmentally sensitive land.

12.1 Permitted Uses

In addition to the uses allowed in the Zoning District, which underlies the ES District, the following are Permitted Uses:

Principal uses, including accessory uses and buildings, but not including a residence:

-Cemeteries, institutional uses and facilities.
-Public parks and public recreational facilities.
-Historical and archaeological sites, and wildlife and conservation management areas.

12.2 Discretionary Uses

-Radio, television and microwave towers.
-Linear Public utilities, excluding solid and liquid waste disposal sites.
-Municipal facilities.

12.3 District Regulations

All the Regulations of the District, which underlies the ES District, shall be used by Council as a guideline in establishing conditions, which may be applied to location-sensitive Development Permits for the specific use being requested.

12.4 Method of Application

Council shall use Section 3.1 of this Bylaw in dealing with requests for new development in this Overlay District

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