Index of Zoning Bylaw #4-2014

Rural Municipality of Three Lakes No. 400

Section 4 - Zoning Districts

4.1 Districts

For the purpose of applying this Bylaw, the municipality is divided into Zoning Districts. All parts of the Municipality shall be designated as A - Agricultural District except those areas specifically designated on the detailed Zoning District Map as another District. The Districts are:

A – Agricultural;
CR – Country Residential (dispersed low density);
CR 2– Country Residential (medium density);
LS – Lakeshore;
H – Hamlet;
R/R - Recreational Resort;
R/R 2 - Recreational Resort 2; and
ES – Environmentally Sensitive Overlay.

4.2 Boundaries

The boundaries of all Zoning Districts are shown on the maps entitled, "Zoning District Map" which are attached to, and form a part of this Bylaw. Unless otherwise shown on the map or specifically mentioned in the text of a particular District in this Bylaw, the boundaries of the said districts are site lines, boundary limits of streets, lanes, roads or such lines extended and the boundaries of the municipality.

4.3 Uses and Regulations

(1) Uses which are not included as a Permitted or Discretionary Use in this Bylaw and which do not qualify as a Legal Non-conforming Use as defined in the Act and this Bylaw, shall be treated as Prohibited Uses.
(2) Regulations for the Zoning Districts are outlined in the following Sections.

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